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Goodfellas Construction Design & Remodeling. has redefined the art of kitchen renovation through its team of highly professional kitchen remodelers in Los Angeles, CA. We’re a name to reckon in this city, as we use quality building materials, skilled workers and latest 3D design in creating a new kitchen at home. This includes the aspect of cooking space reclamation, accessories installation and complete visual aesthetics makeover. Thus, we’re one of the trusted kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles, CA, with such an incredible experience. Our various kitchen renovation services includes:

  • Kitchen space adjustments
  • Granite/Marble countertop installation
  • Installing storage cabinets
  • Installing vitrified wall & floor tiles
  • Custom kitchen fittings & accessories


In Home Consultation

    Remodel a Kitchen According to Your Needs

    At Goodfellas Construction Design & Remodeling, we help redesign your home kitchen into a bright, glittering, spacious and functional cooking & dining arena, fitted with the most modern gadgets and kitchen appliances. So, if you wish to remodel your kitchen in Los Angeles with an expert renovator & remodeler, we’re a name to consider. We help redesign and remodel your home kitchen space to perfection.

    Storage Cabinets

    The use of premium quality timber and plywood in creating kitchen storage cabinets, makes a big difference to the overall quality and aesthetics. It not only provides robustness & style, but most importantly provides the much needed storage space in a kitchen area. The custom kitchen cabinets are made from woods like Pine, Cedar, Oak, Maple, Mahogany, etc. thus providing added strength & appeal. Once complete, your kitchen gives out a n intellectual look and vibe.

    Kitchen Layouts

    A majority of homes in the cities are now going for a ‘central island’ like design or layout for their home kitchen. It not only looks ‘cool’, but at the same time, adds to the functionality of a cooking & dining area. A large kitchen countertop in marble or granite is installed in the center, with a place for a sink, a cooking stove and a wash basin. Beneath the countertop, the wooden storage cabinets are erected. Whereas the appliances like a refrigerator, an OTG, a BBQ oven or a microwave are placed all around the kitchen, that too have stone countertops & cabinets beneath it, as well as hung on the walls.

    Kitchen Illumination

    The aspect of kitchen illumination is quintessential, as it provides an aesthetic appeal and exquisiteness to a place. We as a premier general contractors in Los Angeles, CA, look into this aspect very seriously, and install the best lighting, which is appropriate for any place. It can be in the form of LED lighting on the false ceiling or roof, or pendant lamps hanging from the top, which gives out a contemporary vibe. Overall, the space should be illuminated in such an intelligent way, that it helps the user work during any time of the day or night, without facing any issues regarding proper lighting or illumination. Today, there are LED bulbs that produce ambient light in the right amount and shade. We go to install them in kitchens.

    We’re a Fully Licensed Kitchen Remodeler


    We’re a certified and licensed kitchen remodeling contractor Los Angeles, CA, providing bespoke renovation solutions  by using quality material and contemporary kitchen design.


    Why Do You Need a Licensed Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?


    When you hire a Los Angeles kitchen remodeling contractor, always ensure that the said agency is fully licensed to execute any home improvement project. In fact, there should be a signing of a surety bond, in case the contractor fails to complete the task in a said time and previously agreed-upon budget. The surety bond should consist of all the clauses regarding the present home remodeling norms & guidelines.

    The home remodeling contractor, in this case, ‘we’ Goodfellas Construction Design & Remodeling would be responsible for any delay in work, damage to the existing property or negligence in the work site that leads to any accident or wear & tear of the premises, or in the neighborhood. We would be more than happy to show you all the certificates that ensure transparency and trustworthiness.

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